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Marcus & Willers Architects was established in 1990 in Sonoma, California.

Over the years, our firm has completed approximately 100 projects throughout northern California. Including Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Foster City, San Mateo, Tiburon, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Saint Helena, Fairfield, Orinda, Berkeley, and Oakland.

Fundamentally our concern is to create buildings of quality, appropriate to their settings, and satisfying to the people who inhabit them. We offer the full range of architectural services—from planning and program development, through design and construction documents, to on-site construction observation. We work at all scales—from additions and remodeling through complete buildings or building complexes, to community plans. As well as all building types residential, multi-family and commercial. We have successfully completed single family residences, multi family residences, subdivisions, synagogues, winery buildings, office buildings, retail, restuarants, and a variety of other unique building types.

Sustainable Building Technologies. We have developed expertise in the following areas: Appropriate Energy Design, including maximizing the energy efficiency of all of the systems of the building,passive solar heating, passive cooling, active solar hot water heating, radiant floors, electricity from photovoltaic systems. Healthy Materials, responding to the special needs of the environmentally-sensitive user, avoiding building materials that continue to "off gas" irritating vapors, and screening materials for toxicity not only to the users, but also to the producers of the materials and the contractors on site who must work with the materials. Sustainable Building Materials. With our clients, we are exploring sustainable material choices and long-lasting components. Linking Indoors/Outdoors. Typically, our projects incorporate courtyards and decks, porches and verandas, skylights and trellises. We try to bring the healthy aspects of nature into our buildings, and use our buildings to create more pleasant, tempered outdoor spaces.